303’s Ultimate Race Guide

Photo Credit: Green Curry

Bike racing in Colorado is pretty wonderful. Whether you are new to cycling as a sport or you’ve been doing it for years, the premise is pretty much the same. Get on your bike and try to ride it faster than those around you. Buuuuuut it’s a little more complicated. There are so many terms that get thrown around, so many unspoken rules, so many different categories. Don’t worry. Below, is everything you could possibly need to make this race season better than any you’ve had before…not to mention it can help make you a little more well-liked.*

303’s Ultimate Race Guide

Great racing reads:

*For you veteran racers: there are hidden gems for you as well. Check the “Tips on managing your Bike Race” section. My favorites are “Ruining it for everyone” and “Helpful Hints.” Good luck this season. And remember: READ THE RACE FLIER AND THE WEBSITE.

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