2017 Melton Design Build/GS Forza Juniors Mountain Bike Racing Program

The Melton Design Build/GS Forza Cycling Team is excited to announce our new mountain bike training and racing program for both junior women and men. High school mountain bike racing is one of the fastest growing sports not only in Colorado but across the country. It is exploding throughout the nation and we are excited to add to fuel to the fire.

The team will be led by Becky Batizy and Brady Kappius. Becky is a seasoned mountain bike racer and also a volunteer coach for the state champion Boulder High mountain bike team for the 2016 season. She will be joined by racer extraordinaire Brady Kappius who is a collegiate national champion and has raced as a professional racer in both cyclocross and various mountain bike disciplines, including enduro and cross country. In addition, Becky and Brady understand the challenges of balancing academics and athletics as a junior racer.

Their focus will be on preparing junior racers for high school mountain bike racing and race around the rocky mountain region through skills development, fitness, and mental preparation; with an emphasis on becoming a better overall rider and having fun. It is a great opportunity for junior racers to hone their skills in a supportive team environment with the main focus of having fun on two wheels.

Practices will begin Thursday March 16th at 4:30 pm and will continue every Thursday until August, when the majority of high school racers transition to racing with their respective high school teams. There will be team support at various mountain bike races throughout the summer. In addition, all riders have full access to all road, track and cyclocross practices.

Melton Design Build is our title sponsor and primary financial supporter. In addition, team members receive discounts from the following sponsors:

!!!To launch our Junior Women’s Racing program we are offering half-price fees for new female riders in 2017!!!!

Please check the team out at:

Webpage- www.gsforzacycling.org
Facebook- www.facebook.com/MeltonDesignBuild.GSForza.Cycling/
Instagram- www.instagram.com/gsforzacycling/

If you are interested in riding for our team please contact:

Alex DorganRoss

Becky Batizy

2 thoughts on “2017 Melton Design Build/GS Forza Juniors Mountain Bike Racing Program

  1. I had contacted Melton about their new JR Girls team but they have some significant restrictions. To bad that they would limit themselves so much in a time when USAC racing is down and there is always a push to get female riders.

  2. John- I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience. Please reach out to me directly, so we can discuss your individual situation.
    Thank you,

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