2016 – KHMTT Registration opens early

The COBRAS, the organizers of the KHMTT have announced that they have opened up registration for the KHMTT series early this year.

Since 1991, the KHMTT has taken place Wednesday evenings in Cherry Creek State Park during April and May. The seven-week series will be starting on April 6th with a makeup date in case of a cancellation due to unforeseen weather conditions.

New this year is the ability for racers to purchase a discounted Annual Colorado Start Park pass that includes the required CCWB sticker. Normally $73 the COBRAS are offering the passes for $58 (their cost) to all KHMTT racers.

In addition, the COBRAS have streamlined the process of obtaining your start time. Gone are the days of trading emails, and now racers will select their start time when they register. This makes the process much easier for both the KHMTT organizers and the racers. The KHMTT is still one of the few time trial races where racers can select a start time for the series to fit their schedule.

The series cost is the same as last year, $160 for the series for adults and $60 for juniors. Racers can enter a second category race for the entire series for only $40 additional.

For additional information or to register, go the the KHMTT web site at http://khmtt.com

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