Boulder Stage Race: What’s the deal?

2016 Boulder Stage Race LogoIn 2015 Without Limits Productions brought a true stage race back to the Front Range. 300 athletes took part in the 3-day Boulder Stage Race which featured a Friday Lyons to Boulder Time-Trial, Saturday Crane Hollow Circuit, and Sunday’s Mike Horgan Hill Climb.

With the Boulder Stage Race set for June 24th-26th the cycling community assumes it is status quo for 2016, right? However, there’s rumors in the air that a lot is about to change. Currently the website is down, some months it says “omnium” some months “stage race…” so 303 wants to know – What’s the deal??

303 sat down with this year’s race director Barry Lee of Without Limits for a teaser of info.

303: Is there any dirt in this year’s course?

Barry Lee WOL: Zero! I know that might catch people off guard, but this year’s courses do not have a single ounce of dirt in them.

303: So we know that means the Buff Gold Road Race Course and Mike Horgan Hill Climb are out, but are you copying the time-trial from Lyon’s to Boulder from last season?

Barry Lee WOL: No! The time-trial course, located in Boulder County, is a brand new 10 mile time-trial course that’s never been done before.

303: So will Saturday or Sunday be featuring a criterium or super steep hill climb like Magnolia?

Barry Lee WOL: No! Our goal this year was the addition of new road race courses, like OZ, and we’re pretty excited with the new Saturday road race and Sunday circuit race. Its Colorado so there will be some climbing, but nothing compared to the steep grades of Mike Horgan.

303: We’ve seen the website alternate from stage race (race based on time) to an omnium (people can pick and choose to race 1, 2, or 3 days), so what’s the format? We assume omnium because it allows for higher participation. 300 riders last season couldn’t have covered the bills for an expensive 3 day event in Boulder…

Barry Lee WOL: This is the really exciting part, it’s both! The stage race is based on time, but riders can also race one or two days based on their family and work lives. I know that’s pretty confusing to a lot of traditional riders, but all will make sense soon. I’m sure that will lead to a dozen anonymous comments, but this hybrid format is the future of multi-day amateur racing.

303: What does the future of the Boulder Stage Race hold?

Barry Lee WOL: We’d love to offer the community a mini Tour de France style event that changes from year to year. Maybe one season there’s a day that’s just team-time-trial, maybe an uphill time-trial, or new road course. The key is that it remains fresh and exciting, but also something the community knows will be offered every year!

303: So when is the official announcement on the new courses and format?

Barry Lee WOL: Stay tuned and keep riding! We have a few final details to finalize and then we’ll announce the news right here on 303!

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