2016 Boulder County’s – Chip seal work

Boulder County’s Transportation Maintenance Division will begin annual chip seal work on county roadways on Tuesday, May 31. The work will take place from approximately 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and is expected to last three weeks, weather permitting.

Chip sealing work consists of applying asphalt to a road surface followed by a layer of one-quarter inch chips that essentially create a new layer on top of the road. A week after the chips are applied, crews return to the area to apply a sealant designed to help the chips adhere to the road. This work is followed by roadway striping operations.

To aid in cycling safety, Boulder County uses a smaller chip size than is typically applied on other non-county maintained roads around the area. The smaller chip creates a smoother surface and reduces wear and tear on bicycles.

Boulder County Transportation encourages motorists and cyclists to avoid unnecessary travel on the following roads on days that the chip application and sealing operations are taking place as there may be travel delays (sealing operations will take place one week after chip application). The roads to be chip sealed include (in order of first to last):

– Isabelle Road from 95th Street to SH 287
– Valmont Road from 75th Street to 95th Street
– 63rd Street from Nelson Road to Monarch Road
– Jasper Road from SH 287 to Erie limits
– 119th Street from Kenosha Road to Erie limits
– Kenosha Road from 115th Street to Erie limits
– 115th Street from Lookout Road to Kenosha Road
– Lookout Road from SH 287 to 115th Street
– 119th Street from Arapahoe Road to SH 7
– 120th Street from Dillon Road to Lafayette limit
– Palo Parkway from US 36/28th Street to 30th Street
– 30th Street from Palo Parkway to Jay Road
– Somerset Drive from SH 52 to Longview Drive
– South 68th from South Boulder Road to end of road

Chip sealing operations are part of the county’s primary network roadway rehabilitation plan. The process is intended to extend the lifespan of the roadway and postpone larger reconstruction efforts that would require more expensive work and longer travel restrictions. Primary network county roads are typically chip sealed every six to eight years.

While Boulder County Transportation Maintenance strives to complete all projects on-time, work is weather dependent and there may be delays due to rain or other unfavorable working conditions.

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