Wednesday Bike to Work Day: Creative Commuting Tips

kyle's bikeJune 22 – Bike to Work Day in Colorado

By Lauren Greenfield

Are you wanting to try the ride, but not sure where to start? Here are a few tips:

If you haven’t been on your bike yet this year, pump up the tires and take it for a quick ride around the block. feel okay or would you be more comfortable taking it in to the shop for a quick tune up to ensure all is running smoothly? A great idea to do once per year, whether you ride 5000 miles or 15 miles.

Map out your route – many communities provide “bike maps” with recommended routes. Chances are, your bike route will be different than the one you drive everyday.

Ride your mapped out route on a weekend day before the actual ride – just to be sure all paths are open and to time yourself so you provide ample time.

What will you wear? If you need to bring extra clothes or shoes, consider packing and leaving them at work the day before to minimize your load.

How will you get home on Bike to Work Day? Riding? great! If not, look at the bus schedule or coordinate a ride home.

What will you need to take on Bike to Work Day and how will you carry it? Backpacks are great but can heavy and increase the “back sweat.” If you have a front basket or panniers, it takes the load off your body and provides for more weight on the bike.

Where will you store your bike during the day? Be sure to have a good bike lock (and use it properly) if it will be locked outside.

What else? Always a good idea to have a spare tube, tire irons and a pump; even if you don’t know how to use them, someone else will and will likely help. And, if they do, homemade cookies or a beer at a local brewery are a great way to say thanks – lol!

Don’t forget your wallet and ID.

Extra clothes? Depending on your distance and speed, you may or may not sweat during your commute, and desire changing or not.

Don’t forget to allow for time for at least one of the many participating breakfast stations on your way to work!

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