2014 – DodgeBall and Cookie Bake Off

What: Dodgeball/cookie bake-off.
Where: Golden Rec Center, 6pm.
Admission: $5.25 for admission to the Rec Center.

This is a show-down between the Pros and the Nots. Katie Compton and co. vs “the other Katie” Macarelli and co.

First we’ll have a blind taste-test judged by esteemed members of the cycling community (Steve Shiramizu and Dan Kuper of Flippin’ Flapjacks) to determine who’s chocolate chip cookies are better-Katie Compton’s gluten-free or Katie Compton’s gluten-induced.

After a brief but painful smack-down, our two teams of 8 women (pro’s vs. nots) will take the battle to the court. True, none of us know how to play, but this is a minor detail as we have Colorado’s own chief referee Tim Madden to help us out. We have the balls, we have the head-bands, we’re ready to rumble.

Date: Monday, June 30, 2014

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