125 miles of bike lanes coming to Denver, despite delays

From OutThere Colorado
By Alayna Alvarez

Cyclists ride past Coors Field in Denver. Photo by RiverNorthPhotography (iStock)

Following a sluggish start, Denver is switching its bicycle program into high gear to help keep its promise of installing 125 miles of bike lanes by 2023.

Mayor Michael Hancock on Thursday announced the new three-pronged approach, alongside Denver Transportation and Infrastructure Director Eulois Cleckley.

The accelerated plan will coordinate striping bike lanes when streets are paved; install “high comfort” lanes that include physical barriers to separate cyclists from cars; and “significantly” expand the bike network in the city’s most densely populated areas, like northwest and central Denver, to increase the number of households within a quarter-mile of a high comfort bikeway.

Hancock on Thursday said that the “reality is we’re ushering in the bicycle revolution in Denver, Colorado,” Denverite reported. “I grew up in the city. We didn’t have bike lanes. We rode our little Huffys without bike lanes, protected or striped. And today we get a chance to see a city committing to creating comfort lanes for people to ride their bikes.”

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1 Comment

  1. Brent Myers

    Our neighborhood was presented with bike lanes by a crowd of Denver employees and consultants. Not well prepared and no logical reason other than they could. Didn’t even know that they could use zwift for metadata.

    No logical reason to spend money. Not impressed. This is what happens when people are given money and don’t ask the riding community what might work.

    Seemed to have condescending attitude towards our neighborhood.


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