Coffee Talk Tuesday - Which 303 Area Bike Store is Your Favorite?

Tuesday Coffee Talk allows all of us to engage in community related topics and share your 2 cents worth.

I get this question all the time, Which bike store do you recommend I go to?. Oddly, my answer always starts with a "depends" and the store I do 90% of my shopping at, Excel Sports, which may not be the best store for those looking to buy a bike for a 10 year old. I've been to a few around town and outside of Boulder with lukewarm reaction. As readers of this website it is very likely that your peers see you as "the bike expert" at the office and your opinion carries a lot of weight so how would you answer this question?

Recently, Redheaded Writing had a very mixed customer service experience with a couple Boulder bike stores and she wrote about it.

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My favorite bike shops...

Boulder Cycle Sport stood by me on a warranty issue for a bike that I didn't even buy there. They happened to sell that brand and that was enough for them to follow through with the manufacturer until I got a replacement frame. They didn't charge me a penny for their troubles. For that, Boulder Cycle Sport is my go-to shop when I'm ready to make a new purchase.

University Bikes has always delivered good repairs at reasonable prices. I was also given a free replacement for a tire that blew a sidewall the day after I purchased it, even though they didn't install the tire and couldn't be sure it wasn't a poor installation by me (of course, I contend my installation was flawless and that the tire really was defective). UBikes has a good, long history in Boulder and I think they serve a very broad customer base.

Finally, Full Cycle has been able to fulfill special requests that other shops couldn't, so I like to use them as well. They're reasonably friendly, and tend to offer some good advise when I need to improvise a solution to a tricky problem.

What's cool is there are a

What's cool is there are a ton of great shops in the Front Range. There is a lot of variety around here and each shop has it's own flavor. Personally I like Golden Bike Shop because they seem to have the little bits and pieces I need for my mountain bike setups. I hate having to order stuff. I'm not a wrench, so I have a mechanic that I use who works out of his garage. He's honest, give's it to me straight and I like that. I guess what's key is honestly, if a bike or part is going to take 2 weeks, 1 month or whatever, shop employees need to be clear about time frames. It's happened to all of us where we were told one thing and experienced another.

Fav Bike Store(s)

I'm just getting ready to try The Service Course for repairs, I like the ProTour experience they tout and the lack of a retail side - just repairs and feel free to bring in your own parts. I've often had the very capable Phil Miller at Performance work on my bike (I always schedule directly with him). Excel has lots of great parts in stock, I seem to be there often. Vecchio's is where I go for old school charm. Bought my kids some mountain bikes at great blowout sale prices at Bicycle Village. Lots of choices in Boulder, just sharing a few experiences I've had.