Tuesday Coffee Talk - Are you comfortable with your athletic persona?

Most adults are or at least should be comfortable with who they are but what about where you are as an athlete? How many times do you hear yourself when talking with another cyclists about how you could be better or faster, stronger bla bla bla if only you did have X, Y or Z in your life. Yesterday while I was out on a hot noon ride a rider came up to me and started chatting (since he noticed my 303cycling jersey) and their I went into this long explanation as to why I'm not as fast as I use to be, but the weirdest part, the other cyclist never asked me "Hey Kris, why are you so slow these days". No, we where just chatting about this video work they had done for 303cycling back in the cross days last year.

Why can't we just be satisfied with where we are in our fitness? That doesn't mean you don't strive for more but at that moment in time, it is what it is and accept it, no excuses needed, no "back in the day talk". I don't do this to justify my lack of hair on my head or the software engineer like outfits I wear so why do I do this with my fitness?

Am I alone here?

Starting today I'm going to stop making any excuses, where I am today is where I am.

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It's a conundrum: right now I would say I'm 80%-ing it in my training/racing, have gotten some respectable results this season, but am say 5% slower than the top guys in my category. Those guys are talented and they could likely sit an their a** for six months and still come out and beat me in any given race. In order to compete I would probably have to increase my focus/effort to 95%. In other words: committed training to the exclusion of nearly all else.

This might be possible for a short period of time, say 4-6 weeks, but I have to say that otherwise the return is not worth the investment. On an emotional level this reality is a bitter pill--I would love to win a race!--but when I think about it objectively, I'd much rather have a well rounded life and just hope that every once in awhile the breaks go my way in a race and I can squeeze in amongst the elite.