You know me, I ride a bike

Thanks to the guys at Your Group Ride for the post
The joy of riding a bike changed for me. My close friend and I were struck by a drunk driver. She was killed and I walked away with minor injuries and a broken heart. All at once riding a bike requires not only physical strength, but mental as well. I have a new awareness about the dangers of biking. Unfortunately there are some bike/car accidents that can only be prevented if there is a shift in the mindset of people who are willing to take the risk of operating a vehicle while under the influence.

We need to make better choices and start being mindful of how our actions could potentially affect other people. I think if we increase bike awareness, amazing things can happen. People who ride tend to be healthier, use less petroleum, and are able to slow down a bit and enjoy life. If cyclists obey the rules of the road, they will keep themselves safe and will be doing their part to weaken the divide between cyclists and motorists. There seem to be just as many clowns out there pedaling their Iron Horses around as there are surrounded by steal and pleather. I think everyone should do their part to keep our roads safe.

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