Yoga with Mara Abbott

Boulder Cycling native, pro cyclist and National Champion Mara Abbott will be teaching "Yoga for Cyclist" at Om Time in Boulder this Spring. Sounds interesting so we followed up with Mara on this topic...

303Cycling What got you into this besides living in Boulder?

Mara Abbott I actually started yoga as a class at Whitman College ("stretch and strength :)"). When I came back to Boulder after college, I began to practice more and more regularly, and it has sort of evolved from there...

303Cycling How often and how long do you perform yoga now?

Mara Abbott At least once a day... sometimes twice, an hour to two each time!

303Cycling If you had to get rid of either a powertap/HR monitor or yoga which would it be?

Mara Abbott I ride SRM. And I would get rid of the SRM

Class Description
At the most basic level, cycling is a sport of balance—the balance of two thin tires that lean in impossible angles to the earth. The irony is that the life and physiology of a cyclist are a perfect example of IMbalance. Through one-dimensional, repetitive movement certain muscle
groups are strengthened while others are left untouched. The true integrated power of the body is untapped and the cyclist is vulnerable to injury. Adding yoga to your training regimen will help you to:

- Strengthen unused muscle groups to create balance and greater
- Improve your physical strength and balance to reduce the risk of both
overuse and traumatic injury
- Enjoy faster recovery
- Increase proprioception and bodily awareness
- Place weight bearing strains on the musculoskeletal system to reduce the risk of osteoporosis
-Learn to use breath efficiently

Tuesdays, April 6 – 20, 2010
2:30 – 3:45pm

öm time Boulder
2035 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80302

INVESTMENT $45 for the series
$40 before March 31 and $17 for drop in

Learn more about Mara's passion for Yoga

And Mara's Testimony..

As one of the resident pros of the area, an extreme Boulder lover and also a devoted yogi, I wanted to let you know about something really really really cool that I am going to get to do in April.

I spent the off-season this year getting my certification as a yoga instructor, and for my first class I am going to be teaching a cycling-specific yoga class at Om Time (on Pearl and Broadway). I SWEAR to you all, my yoga practice has enhanced my cycling SO MUCH. I did an hour practice every morning before the stage of the Giro Donne this year and I
got 2nd. And the climber's jersey. Clearly NOT coincidence!!>

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