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On Thursday Oct. 14 Boulder County Parks and Open Space will open up another critical link for the Dirty Bismarck off-road recreational loop. This is another example of why you should support open space and vote yes on 1B.

Marshall Valley to Marshall Mesa to Cowdrey Draw to the new Mayhoffer-Singletree trail to a soon-to-be-built connector to Coalton to High Plains to Greenbelt Plateau to Community Ditch to Coal Seam. This will make an all dirt loop mirroring the route of the Morgul-Bismarck Loop of the Coors International Bicycle Classic from the 1980s. This will be an awesome four-season loop trail!

You should vote yes on ballot issue 1B this year. You love biking in Boulder County. You enjoy Hall Ranch, Heil Valley Ranch, Walker Ranch and Betasso Preserve. A vote for 1B will get you more trails -- including another Hall Ranch sized recreational open space park and the possibility of connecting existing parks like the Picture Rock Trail did for Hall and Heil.

Some of the best, last private property in the county is up for sale. If we don`t buy it now, private developers will. And they won`t build biking trails, organic farms or wildlife corridors. Please spread the word. Vote yes on 1B and support open space, recreation, our economy, ecosystems and wildlife. For more info check out

The most important thing you can do to support MountainBike Alliance`s closest partner in building world-class single track is to spread the word. Please take the time to send an e-mail to educate your friends and colleagues.


President, Boulder MountainBike Alliance

Written with the help from those concerned
You have a chance, right now, to affect the future enjoyment of our sport.

You owe it to yourself to vote yes on County Ballot Issue 1B.

Simply put, Boulder County has run out of money to buy open space. Now, it’s easy to say in this down economy that open space taxes just aren’t a priority. But for cyclists, open space is as important as the rides we do every weekend. We rely on public land to have trails to ride. Or to have open spaces next to the roads we pedal. Those pieces of nature are a big part of why we live here.

And here’s why it’s a priority right now: the parcels of land for sale have great impact for cyclists. If we help the county buy them, we will see more trails near Boulder, as well as the protection of open land along Highway 36. Vote no on 1B, and your road ride north of Nelson might feature 250 homes instead of hawks, coyotes and wide-open horizon. Those will be gone forever.

From Picture Rock Trail

And don’t forget about recent trail projects paid for by open space taxes: Wild Turkey, Picture Rock, the Betasso/Benjamin loop, and the Rock Creek/Coal Creek connector.

Besides, the tax isn’t much of a hardship. Spend $100, and 15 cents of it goes to open space. Not a bad deal for what open space does for us. Not only does it provide access to the beauty of nature and recreational opportunities, but it helps our businesses, our community and our quality of life.

Preserving open space has been part of Boulder County’s heritage for decades. Let’s not be the generation that won’t contribute.

To learn more, visit and Yeson1b on Facebook. Thank you.

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Access given or access taken

Love this information here!

Today in the daily camera a letter to the editor complains that BMA should stop with the call for access (below) and then the guys at 303 posted a video of rider access issues in WA If no access is given then cyclist aren't going to support the tax and if access isn't given some will get their own access on their own and that nobody wants.

Drop request

for trail access

E nough already! Regarding Saturday`s letter from the president of Boulder MountainBike Alliance, Jason Vogel, supporting passage of Boulder County Issue 1B.

I`ve always advocated purchase of more open space -- it`s an important part of what makes Boulder special; and I wholeheartedly encourage athletic activity of all kinds, including mountain biking. My fervent wish, however, is that organizations like the BMA will be content with the already sprawling network of biking trails and with the "awesome four-season loop trail" that will open to them on Thursday, Oct. 14.

On behalf of those of us who enjoy quiet contemplative running, hiking and walking in the woods, I ask that they drop their request for biking access to the Enchanted Mesa and Mesa Trails west of town.

The recent gouging out of so-called non-native growth up there is bad enough -- the thought of bringing mountain bikes back to those areas is appalling and should be unacceptable. Let`s not make these Mesa Trails another Boulder Creek Path.


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