Post some news on 303 and win $50 at Excel Sports!

303Cycling is looking for more news on our site and I know it is out there, sitting in your head, in your team, on your commute, in your cycling world and we want that news out on our site. Submit your news to us and you could win $50 at Excel Sports of Boulder! Here is what you do.

  • Write the story
  • Send us the story here
  • If thirty days later your news item got more traffic than any other user submitted news story then you win $50!*

If you don't have the time to write a full story, send us the brief version of the news itself and we will write it and you will still get the credit!

What to write about?
Pretty much anything cycling related in Colorado, here are some topics

  • Race reports... ideally not just the category you raced
  • Commuting tips. Logistics, routes, lights, etc. Especially good if downtown Denver
  • training tips, especially if downtown Denver
  • Your cycling biz sales pitch. Sure, if you are a coach, bike builder, cycling model, whatever, as long as it is in Colorado then tell us!
  • Interview a teammate, fellow cyclist or dedicated commuter.
  • Write on a cycling tour like Ride the Rockies
  • We love photos and video.
  • On the road with a Colorado cycling pro team
  • Exposure of the "hidden" MTB trails of the Boulder/Denver area.. there are tons!
  • Denver/Boulder Fixie Culture
  • unique cycling routes.

The story can be as short as a few sentences or a full novel, you decide what works best for the story at hand. Your story is NOT limited to the topics mentioned above.

* Google Analytics will be used to monitor the results.

Any questions? contact me

BTW we will have a special deal for photographers... details coming soon!

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