Would you pay $10,500 to ride the USPCC course before the pros?

Last January Carmichael Training Systems announced its USA Pro Cycling Challenge Race Experience for Amateurs. We were curious how it all turned out and saw this recent story in the
Denver Post about the event.

"This is a privilege denied to many, especially at my age," said the 64-year-old Breckenridge resident as a mechanic for his Carmichael Training Systems team grabbed his bike for a cleaning and a coach delivered a brightly colored drink. Oshlo was one of 19 cyclists who paid $10,500 to pedal the entire 683-mile USA Pro Challenge route, just like the pros.

The Carmichael Training Systems team — which included six coaches, five mechanics and five massage therapists — ate with the pros, got daily bike maintenance and massages, stayed in the same hotel as the pros and team members even got fined for being late to meetings or departures. (The fines went to the Kids on Bikes charity.) The riders got VIP access to stage finishes and colleague-type access to the world's best cyclists.

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CTS also produced a series of videos that follow the journey of these amateur riders, and Chris Carmichael comments on his site, "I am always most excited about the differences in people from the first day to the last. We captured some cool stuff and I think you will enjoy seeing the changes yourself." You can view these chronicles on the CTS Website

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$10,500 to ride the Challenge?

I still insist that the USA Pro Challenge promoters are missing a great opportunity for value added income. They need to have a Grand Fondo type of ride for the public before the Pro's race. Everything is in place already except maybe rest stops. Cap it at 3500 and entry fee around $500.00 for the seven days. Get the ride the rocky's or Tour de Cure to help with organization.

God no!

Doubling the road closures for the Tour of Colorado next year? I look forward to twice the number of whiners complaining about tax dollars, arrogant cyclists, spandex Lance-wannabes, stop signs, abreasting, etc., etc.

I would seriously consider paying to ride the route a day before (or after) the Tour goes through Colorado. Not for 10.5 large though.

People with too much money on

People with too much money on their hands. While Joe Average can only dream of that or donate their first born. Even the Baseball Fantasy Camps don't come close to charging that much.

I think maybe $2500 would be acceptable and you have a lottery if the numbers get too big.