Women's Wednesday - Sonya Attacked the Yak

This ain't Colorado anymore

Sonya Looney just completed what in one of the toughest Mountain Bike races in the World, the Yak Attack one which she feels was easier than last year, which turned out to be epic failure for her. Sonya wasn't the only one from Colorado who headed to Nepal for the event, four from Colorado made the trip.

From Bicycling.com

This was my second time competing in the Yak Attack, and though the snows were deeper on the high-mountain stages this year, and much of Stage 8 and 9 were not rideable, they seemed less challenging. Last year, I had a splitting headache and experienced several moments during which I doubted that I could finish. But I learned valuable lessons and this year I was hydrated, healthier and better acclimated, so I suffered less from altitude.

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