Women's Wednesday - Bike Camps & Beer

Author, Cheri Felix rides Fruita

Oh my god. I wanna be who my bike mechanic thinks I am. I wanna be that young chick who is rad and who is fearless and who bombs down and off anything that is put in front of her. But and this is has taken me a long time to admit, I’m not. I’m not sure I ever was. I think I’ve always had a healthy bit of fear but some fearlessness too. Not in the way that people wanted to grab their camera when I was around but in a “That lightning probably won’t hit me…” kind of way. And oh yeah, when I say my bike mechanic I don’t mean to say he’s my personal mechanic. He’s just my favorite mechanic.

Anyhoo, back to me and my dream life. The one where I am cool and fast and flying. If I’m honest I’m not sure I ever had it in me to be that fearless girl. I’ve always liked a fast downhill. Perhaps an unhealthy affection at times but going over big rocks and man-made bridges (the kind they have at downhill bike parks that a beginning but no end), well that kind of freaks me out. And now in my 40’s with my newish ACL (I know I know. I’ve got to stop bringing it up) and three kids, I’ve got a bit more caution in my blood.

But I know that fearlessness does not equal rad. I can be rad riding on a creek path. So, what’s a girl to do? Stay the course? Or maybe just take a course. There’s a mountain bike camp called the Trek Dirt Series that I’m eyeing for the fall and as far as I can tell it’s the perfect combination of girls, grit, grime and bikes. Add all that up and chase it with a beer or two and I’d call that a happy ending. The Trek Dirt Series offers tailored skill developmental sessions. That means there’s a spot for you. And you. And you. Beginners and advanced riders and everything in between will find a home. So that settles the question many of us ask ourselves, “Will I fit in?” The Trek Dirt Series has been putting on camps for a decade so I’m bettin’ they’ve got what I need and perhaps for you too.
Listen I’m not gonna lie to you. There is no magic pill when it comes to mountain biking. If there is, l’d like to buy one. But a camp is one of the best ways to increase your skill level (and your confidence) and for some that can mean getting comfortable with clipping out on an uphill and for others that can mean going over obstacles. I’ve done a few camps and guided trips. I always come away stronger both in body and mind. I always come away with knowing a bit more about what I’m made of. And I always come away a bit closer to that rad chick I want to be. And that is like the credit card commercial; priceless.
See you there!

Trek Dirt Series http://www.dirtseries.com/
Fruita Camp: September 21-22

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