Senior Women 4 Mentoring Clinic at Bannock this Sunday

From the ACA website

The Women’s Mentoring Program is an initiative by the American Cycling Association to aid development women riders in that transition from rider to racer. Entering those first few races can be intimidating and nerve wracking for most anyone when they start racing. For this reason, the ACA has decided to designate several races each year to ease that transition for women new to racing in several Category 4 criterium events.

In each mentoring race one or two experienced Category 1 and 2 women riders are available prior to the race, during the race, and after the race to answer questions, guide in tactics and skills, and provide an encouraging environment for new riders to learn the skills of racing. During these races the experienced mentors ride along with the Category 4 racers as “mentors” and guide the riders during the races on skills, such as, pack riding, taking turns at speed, and drafting. These mentors are also available after the race to answer questions and provide positive feedback for the new racers.

Our goal with this program is to provide an open, encouraging, learning environment for those women interested in trying racing for the first time and for those who want to progress and learn more skills.

Please see this flyer for more information and race dates.

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