She's following her dream to become a Bike Mechanic

Why not? What limits are their for women in our community? I personally have the luxury of knowing Marty and say that I think it is so cool, regardless of her gender, that she so passionately changed her career goals to become a bike mechanic. Marty was a photographer and writer for the Daily Camera and now she is following her dreams.

From USA Cycling

Photo Credit: USA Cycling

“There’s such a huge body of knowledge and I’ve always been fascinated with the actual mechanics of a bike.”

Caivano, who is from Boulder, Colo., attended the United Bicycle Institute (UBI) in Portland, Ore., at the urging of a friend.

“The most rewarding part of learning about the mechanics of bikes and bicycling is being able to take the sport beyond riding,” says Caivano. “It’s like unlocking the mystery of your bike.”
Caivano says she was one of only two women to attend the UBI sessions, out of 18 total participants (about 11%), a pattern she has found to be true across the field. In fact, says USA Cycling, the percentage of women members to men is only 13%.

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Good Question

I guess it depends on how much knowledge you want and your foundation starting out but I do know Community Cycles provides classes and huge opportunities for the beginner by working on lots and lots of bikes but if you want to overhaul high end shocks and build custom bikes???

Anyone have some better answers?

This is good...but really "shouldn't" be news....

Great article and obviously geared to motivate women who may only have thought of being a mechanic. Although, I wish they "weren't necessary" if you know what I mean. I am proud to say that I have personally worked with many really great women mechanics over the years. And that was many years ago even. And since then, I have been very fortunate in my careers, including the Army and in law enforcement, in that I have always landed in places where the idea of gender biases were not even thought of. I wish that "conversation" will continue to fade away from our minds and we will have more and more "human equality".