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Women's Wednesday - Naked Women’s Racing p/b TriBella win 2012 USAC Club of the Year

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From USA Cycling Website

The Naked Women's Racing Team brought thousands of books to school as part of the Ride for Reading program.The Naked Women's Racing Team brought thousands of books to school as part of the Ride for Reading program. Boulder-based Naked Women’s Racing p/b TriBella took top honors in the women’s category after scoring big points for recruitment efforts, the coaching available to its members, and its success in creating a positive image of women in cycling. Twenty-five riders strong in its second year, the group also makes its mark on the community with significant contributions to National Ride for Reading Week, Heels on Wheels, and the Women’s Summit for Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado.

Visit the Naked Women’s Racing TriBella website.

Women's Wednesday - The Gift of Riding Bikes

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Nancy on her new ride

The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future: Sharing My Love of Bikes.
I’ve got a photo of me somewhere. I’m wearing a lavender sweater with a big cowl neck. Lavender was never my color and cowl necks are apparently back so that makes me sort of timeless. Or old. Not sure which. I’m straddling a blue ten speed. Now, I think it might have been a birthday day gift but for the purposes of this article, let’s call it a Christmas gift. I was in high school. I know that much because that’s when I mistakenly thought lavender was a good color for me. And I also thought a big curl up down each side of my face was a good idea. I did not have a helmet. No one did. Besides, it would have ruined my hair.

I loved that bike. It was freedom. It took the place of another bike that I had when I was about seven years old; a banana seat Schwinn. My hair looked pretty solid in that picture too. Cute bangs and longish in the back. I think I’m wearing a big pearl necklace for some reason. I wish I still had that old bike. And that hair that didn’t need coloring every eight weeks. The Schwinn must have set my mom back who at the time wasn’t making much waiting tables as a single mom. Or maybe someone else bought it for me or maybe I stole it. She died almost seven years ago so I’ll just give her all the credit.

Club Ride Cross-Wind Jacket & Rale Jeans Review

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I remember when I had one skort to wear and one pair of shorts that I bought on sale. The shorts were a perfect fit. Except when I had to take them off. And then I had to wiggle them over my hips. 13 years ago I feel like there weren’t many choices for women when it came to buying bike clothes. Well those days are over and Club Ride is a big part of what makes it so fun to get dressed to ride your bike. I recently tested the Club Ride Rale Jeans and the Cross-Wind Jacket. Now if you’re like me if you hear the word “jeans” and mountain biking well those two don’t quite seem to go together.

SOAS Triathlon & Endurance Sports Clothing: I Heart this Lycra!

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From Staff Writer, Cheri Felix

Full disclaimer: I don’t run or swim or ride a road bike or do triathlons. This is what I told the people from SOAS when they asked me to review their Red Houndstooth Tri Kit. “But I’ll ride my mountain bike and go to spin class and for good measure, I’ll run into spin class, “I added to my pitch. So they sent me what at first glance were a pair of lycra shorts and a cute matching tank. At second glance, it might be some of the most comfortable lycra I’ve ever worn.

If you’ve read my other reviews of clothing you know I am a mountain biker. Baggies all the way. The more disheveled the look the better so I was a bit skeptical. Until I put on the shorts. I think they are the cutest lycra shorts I’ve ever seen. And dare I say I think I look really good them. They are super comfortable. The stylistic touches are spot on. The houndstooth design on the perfectly crafted waist band is cute. The just wide enough waist band is comfortable in that holds in any bit of blubber you might have kind of way. Although I am sure you don’t have any. There are three just the right size built in pockets on the back that are great for holding your locker key, your $5 bucks for coffee and your gel. The chamois is slight as I suspect is preferable for triathletes since the bike is just one of the three events. It’s soft and cozy in all the right spots and perfect for spin, running indoors and yes, I did wear them while out for a mountain bike ride. They also worked perfectly for weight lifting before spin class. Which is not super fun when you wear cycling shorts that have a big maxi pad for a chamois.

Women Wednesday - Interview with Amy Dombroski

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From the Colorado Daily

Boulder racer Amy Dombroski is spending her second season in a row overseas. She will be competing in Belgium for the Young Telenet Fidea cycling team, while she learns more about Belgian customs and racing hard. Most recently, Dombroski finished eighth at the Superprestige Hamme-Zogge in early November.


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