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Women's Wednesday - Fear, Risks and Finding Your Groove.

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Hi everyone. I’m not selling anything today. We won’t be going over drive trains or 29er versus 26 or trails to ride. No reviews. No camps. No bikes. No trips. Maybe I’m selling something else; myself. I’d like to say that what I’m about to tell you is top secret and that you’re the first one to hear this but really what I’m hoping is that someone IN ADDITION to my friends will read this.

Women's Wednesday - Foam Rollers, Beginner Trails & the Beti Bike Bash

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I used to get a kick out of watching people on foam rollers at the gym. I’d see people wince and almost cry with pain when throwing themselves over a hard cylinder type thing; also known as the foam roller. I thought, ‘What the hell are they doing to themselves and why?” Now the jokes on me.

Women's Wednesday - Life Moving Forward - Trish Downing

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Everyman Triathlon

Sometimes life isn't all roses and some great things can come out of adversity and local hand biker Trish Downing has done that. She has been nominated as a local hero in the National Mobility Awareness Contest. Trish was a former cyclists when tragedy struck and left her paralyzed.

Women's Wednesday - A Mom's joy and balance of cycling

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Author: Kim Gilbert

The morning begins, with me hollering “get your shoes, we gotta get out of
here” to my five and seven year old. It’s Saturday about ten o’clock,
and it’s already 80 degrees. Two kids’ bikes are in the back of the car
and my cyclocross bike is on the roof. I have three cans of sunscreen, four
water bottles, Goldfish, helmets, shoes, extra clothes, and a set of portable
barriers. We’re goin’ to the park.

Women's Wednesday - Riding With Girls

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Author: Cheri Felix

“I’m probably not going to like this. Don’t worry about me. I’ll meet you back at the car.” That’s what I said on my first mountain bike ride with eight other girls. It was the maiden ride of what would become Singletrack Sistahs. A group for women who wanted to ride but not necessarily with their boyfriends and husbands.


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