Boulder Racing officially re-branded as Without Limits Productions in 2013

To the Colorado cycling community the staff of Boulder Racing and Without Limits Productions would like to let you know about some exciting changes and updates for your 2013 season.

In 2010 Without Limits Productions purchased Boulder Racing, a long standing company founded in 1999. For over 11 years Boulder Racing was instrumental in building the Colorado cyclo-cross and road scene into what we know today. Upon taking over for the 2011 season we sought to take things to the next level, building upon the pioneering foundation set by Boulder Racing. For the past two seasons our resources have been focused on developing new venues (Sienna Lake, Valmont Bike Park) and introducing the chip timing system utilized at our other endurance sports events, all the while sticking to our core mission of affordable racing.

When the 2011 season kicked off we made the decision to keep Boulder Racing and Without Limits Productions as two separate companies. Boulder Racing not only had a longer history, but a strong reputation in the cycling community for professionally organized events. Without Limits were the new guys from the triathlon world and our plan wasn't to mix oil and water.

With the cross over between road cycling, cyclo-cross, running, and triathlon, we were able to borrow operational tools from the various events (timing and registration) to enhance our cycling races. After two seasons we quickly realized that the worlds were not as separate as we previously thought, and there was an enormous amount of athlete cross over between disciplines.

From the racer perspective we started to receive more confusion in 2012. Athletes were asking: is this a WL or BR event, this is a blue chip race so it must be WL, but it's an old BR style course? So in our endless pursuit to make things easier we are eliminating any confusion. Our core mission has always been twofold; to bring the endurance community together where they can enjoy locally produced, affordable, and professionally organized events. Operating as two separate entities no longer serves its initial purpose as we continue to adhere to our mission while developing new events (outside Boulder), and taking our existing races to the next level.

For 2013, all Boulder Racing events (Louisville Criterium, The Koppenberg, Mike Horgan Hill Climb, and the Boulder Cyclocross Series) will be re-branded under Without Limits Productions. What does that mean for you the athlete? Less confusion at the registration table, and one website where you can find all your favorite races, that’s about it. We will still continue to bring you the best possible race experience, while improving on processes from race to race. The same standard you have come to know over the past two years will continue to be improved in 2013, making things easier, smoother, all the while keeping racing affordable and fun.

The more important question you must have; what's the future hold? While we could talk for hours about the future enhancements of our events what we will briefly say is the past two seasons are a small preview to what's coming down the pipeline. The timing system, registration changes, water trailer (cyclocross), and snowplow (cyclocross) are a good foundation, and we’ll continue to improve upon them. However, keep a look out in 2013 for some unique new events, new sponsors, venues, and entry giveaway promotions. On that note we invite you to follow our new facebook page at, and look for 2013 registration to open February 1st!

We'll see you at the races,
Lance Panigutti and Tony Panigutti
Without Limits Productions

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Thank you!

I just wanted to say that your cyclocross races in the Boulder CX series were top notch all season, and the only one I truly felt were worth the money. Well marked and fun courses, calls-ups were handled appropriately, nearly instant posting of un-official results, no extra fee for same day registration, free loaner timing chips that worked, etc. The tip based massages, and the BOA tent were big winners for me as well.

So, thank you. I, as well as many others from my CX team, appreciate your work. I hope for more races to be handled in the manner your team handles them.

Second that

Thanks to Brian at Boulder Racing for laying the foundation for the series of races that keep me on the bike. And thanks to WOL for keeping the events awesome. The continued focus on producing events that have as little overhead as possible would be my only request going forward. An easy to follow and fast registration process, safe courses and fun environment is going to keep the numbers up. Thanks guys, I will vote with my registration dollars this spring & fall!