Top Colorado race promoter and BRAC director talk about Colorado racing

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Boulder Roubaix happens every

Boulder Roubaix happens every other year! This is in agreement with the county and local residents and thus the reason why other promoters can’t use the course during the off years. Everyone that pays attention to the local race scene knows this. So please do some research before you bad mouth a local promoter.

DBC does a great job with Boulder Cup Cross

DBC does a great job with Boulder Cup Cross - This is one of the few Cross races that has a PR budget and actually draws people out that aren't racers or racers family. Beer garden in the middle of the course brings me out.
They have cut way back on the number of races in the last few years, but do a good job with the ones that do.

No States?

before you post smart-ass criticism you might want to check that DBC put on states in 2010...and started putting on CX races back in the early 90's. So yeah, I would say 20 years of CX promotion, including nearly a decade of annual UCI races means something.