Top Colorado race promoter and BRAC director talk about Colorado racing

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I did my first bike race in Colorado in the spring of 1994, 19 years ago and it was a Stazio Crit promoted by Chris Grelish. I'm not sure if it was officially DBC Events at that time, but none the less, it was the same tireless promoter that has done more for the grassroots of this sport in Colorado than another entity, group, or individual.
DBC like Without Limits is entitled to make a profit putting on races. The market will dictate how much, and I am sure it is nominal. Instead of complaining everyone should give a big thanks to those that officiate, volunteer, promote races in the state. DBC has been doing it for 20+ years. They have promoted everything from the smaller office park crit to National Calendar events. Make sure you have your facts straight before you throw someone under the bus in a public forum.

Chris- Thank you for all that you and Barb do to make sure we have great racing in this state.

"DBC Events response to

"DBC Events response to ungratefull entitled douch"

That pretty much sums up DBC & dealing with Chris. I have had a a few beers with Chris and as you can tell he thinks he is the best for Colorado bike racing. Pretty sad to be so self centered. He just got to them first as with anything in life.

"DBC Events response to

From what CG wrote, How did you get the sense that he thinks he is the best for Colorado racing ? He listed out some of the races he has produced albeit with profanity. You have "had a few beers with Chris" So that makes you an authority on his character ? self centered ? Look in the mirror and say that please. "He just got to them first as with anyhting in life" ? Are you serious ?

My first race was Boulder

My first race was Boulder Roubaix in 07. I DFL'd that day, but enjoyed the experience and the totally pro organisation so much that it got me addicted. It's been a privilege to race every DBC event I could. CG always defined the next level and showed the other promoters how to do it. Guaranteed, DBC do it for the love of the sport and make zero money from it.

I find it disturbing to see a

I find it disturbing to see a 50 minute conversation with our LA and not once was the issue of nearly every MTB race in the state being unsanctioned brought up. For that matter MTB racing wasn't mentioned at all. If sanctioning through BRAC is so great for road/Cross, why isn't BRAC out there trying to sell themselves to the MTB promoters. As an advocate of cycling in general I feel compelled to buy a racing license every year, but as primarily an MTB racer just buying a license is at odds with my personal goals around racing because none of the local promoters seem to think sanctioning is worth their effort. This is especially true with the UCI/USAC threatening to clamp down on unsanctioned racing. What is BRAC/USAC doing to make sanctioning more equitable for MTB promoters?

Keep BRAC AWAY from MTB Racing!

No No No! Keep USAC/BRAC away from Mountain Bike races! Sanctioning through USAC/BRAC is not that great for Road and Cross. More fees, then some more fees and then a few more fees...
If you want to support cycling advocacy in Colorado, join Bicycle Colorado, IMBA and a local mountain bike organization.