Mountain States Cup race is more than a race

High strung, up tight, self-centered, egotistical, etc. these were characteristics not found at the Mountain States Cup race in Winter Park this weekend, the event was more like a party then a race. With the help of Winter Park resort, they had a whole Family Fun center with bungee jumping, spinning cages, mini golf, and more. Results were not of the concern of most of the competitors just post ride banter and discussion. Fitness was less of a factor than skill, with these riders bombing down the course needing lighting fast reaction with failure resulting in serious painful results. This was very obvious by looking at some of the gear these riders had on, they looked more like line backers than cyclist.

But not all of the cyclist looked like line backers the cross country and short track events were spandex clad with less body fat than the weight of their bikes. However the highlight of the weekend was the extreme jumping and the 2nd Annual Winter Park Pond skimming contest with the winner (fastest across) winning $500.

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