Mountain Bike Thursday - Winter Park

It's hot this time of year on the Front Range but not up in the high country where mountain biking has so much variety to offer. Today's focus is on Winter Park, "The Mountain Bike Capital USA". They have hundreds of miles of trails and the best part is most of their trails have dirt unlike the rock gardens found on many of our local trails. But in addition to the beauty and miles of trails the area has to offer they also have one of the area's best downhill terrain parks, Trestle. Much like the slopes in the winter, these trails have a varying level of skills from beginner to superman or woman.

And for those you want more of an athletic challenge to your rides that don't involve going airborn than consider riding to Winter Park! Yep, I've done it and it was a bucket list item that will be a repeat for sure. Sadly I never wrote about it but in short you can take an old rail bed up and over the divide allowing for moderate and consistent incline with breath taking views. Snow might still exist this time of year on the trail but usually for sections of hundred yards or less. Learn more about Rollins Pass Road

Want to learn more about what Winter Park has to offer then follow the Winter Park Blogger as she covers topics on Mountain Biking, Skiing and lodging specials of Winter Park

From the Winter Park Blogger

Mountain biking in Winter Park Colorado is ideal right now! All the trails are dry with only a few muddy spots due to the rain that we have been getting off and on over the last two weeks of June. Riding is especially good at Winter Park Resort in the Trestle Bike Park. The trail crew has been hard at work maintaining the bike trails. They are also getting ready for the Colorado Freeride Festival July 25 - 29, 2013. Be sure to check out the impressive course at the base of Winter Park

As you may know, Winter Park Resort does not allow uphill mountain biking anymore. Since the development of the Trestle Bike Park, all of the trails are now designated as downhill trails. Most riders typically spend the day at the park and access the trails by riding up the chairlift and then blasting down the trails (hence the downhill designation only). Check out some of the trails available from our June 24 trail status report.

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the more chair passes they sell, the more profit the resort can make. They aren't interested in the skinny XC types that want to earn their DH. call me a cynic but their message of "safety" rings kinda hollow compared to the potential to sell more lift tickets.


For the safety of all Trestle® Bike Park guests, riding or hiking up trails is not permitted during operating hours. Uphill riding is ONLY permitted on the Summer Road or on Icarus Trail (outside the Bike Park).

You CAN ride up WP, only on the service road or a trail outside the bike park. Riding up does kind of defeat the purpose of a lift-served Bike park. Rent a big-old slack-angled bike, body armor & ride the lifts. It's a LOT of fun and you will learn a lot about bike handling at speed.

Wow, i never thought

Wow, i never thought experssing my opinion open me up to flamming. Riding up a service road is not the same as a Singletrack climb. I used to enjoy riding up WP, and now I can't. I complain and get jumped n this lame forum. WP has built plenty of great trails, they could have added one Singletrack climb for those of us who feel strapping on pads and doing runs off a lift isn't mountain biking, it's DH biking, not my sport. Much the same way alpine skiing and XC skiing are different. WP thanks for removing my uphills, and thanks 303 for your intolerance to my opinion. Once again I understand why non-cyclists have issues with cyclists, some of us are real assholes.

I don't think anyone was

I don't think anyone was flaming you. They are just pointing out that WP has made the investment in the trails and has a business to run. For the safety of the majority they don't want people riding uphill on the trails. I agree that it is a bummer as I've ridden up those trails many times over the years.

On the flip side, I also agree that it is much safer to allow downhill trails only. CO has hundres, if not thousands of trails. Only a tiny percentage are accessible by chairlift. IMHO, if this keeps people off of the front range trails and in dedicated downhill trails, I'm all for it.

You talk about being annoyed with the comments of bikers. At this moment, you sound a lot like the hikers that don't want anyone mountain biking on trails. And as a hiker, I can also agree that a good number of mtn. bikers tend to be clueless and dangerous on the trails.

It's a DOWNHILL bike park!!!

It's a DOWNHILL bike park!!! The whole purpose is to be able to ride down without worrying about having to yield or come up on someone going the opposite direction in a blind turn. It would absolutely defeat the purpose of having a bike park to allow people to ride up the single track. Quit your whining!!! There are plenty of places to climb single track without ruining one of the only places you can ride down without worrying about trail conflicts.