2011 Winter Park Hill Climb to kick off the Epic Series

Take a close look at his front rim!
Photo Credit: Mountain Moon Photography
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Full 2011 Winter Park Hill Climb Results

Photos from Winter Park Hill Climb

- Mountain Moon Photography

Photo Credit: Mountain Moon Photography

Updated Race Report

Under absolute beautiful weather the 2011 Winter Park Epic Series kicked off with the start of the Men Pro field. Within the first 200 yards, Brady Kappius, one of this years favored riders to win, blows his front cx tire leaving him to ride on his rims the next 5 miles! and still pulling off a sub 40 minute time! The snow lined course was smooth and fast giving most of the riders (minus Brady) the advantage. The post race recovery at Winter Park Base reminded me more of a bike tour than a race, they had free food and recovery drinks while we all awaited the results. This weekend cyclist had LOTS of other options to make (check the Colorado Cycling Calendar to see all the choices we had) but still a pretty good turn out was there, many more would have made the road a little crowded.

Winter Park HC
It's time to kick off the 2011 Epic Singletrack Series race season with the Winter Park Hill Climb which starts this Saturday at 10:00am. The Winter Park Epic Series has been running very successfully for many years as one of Colorado's top MTB race series (joined by Mountain States Cup and SandCreek series). This year the series consists of 7 races with the Hill Climb kicking it off

  • Race 1: June 11, Hill Climb Kick-Off
  • Race 2: June 25, X-C Super Loop
  • Race 3: July 9, Valley Point-to-Point
  • Race 4: July 10, Super Downhill
  • Race 5: July 30, Crankworx Colorado X-C
  • Race 6: August 20, Mary Jane Circuit
  • Race 7: August 27, King of the Rockies

"What you need to Know"

Map of Course (in red)

Course Details Read full description

Distance 5.2 miles
Start Elevation: 9,080 feet
Highest Point: 11,142 feet
Total Climbing: 2,062 feet

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I wasn't there, so maybe

I wasn't there, so maybe there was a REALLY muddy section somewhere, but I don't understand why anyone is using a mountain bike. Based on the photos, I'd have used my road bike - no question.

Pavement around Denver is rougher than that.

Looks like a good race - too bad I'll have to wait till next year!

No Pros - Thanks UCI-USAC

No pros at the Winter Park Series this year. Only a few Pro Mountain Bikers left, and they won't get to race one of the oldest and largest series in the U.S.
Time for a pro to take the UCI-USAC to court. This is a right to work state. Should be a good case to win. ColoBikeLaw should take them on!