Winter Cycling Workshop -- Community Cycles of Boulder

Winter poses special challenges to the utilitarian cyclist. If you ride purely for fun and fitness you tend not to ride when it's dark and cold and snowy. If your bike is your primary transportation, you don't necessarily have this option. After all, you'll still need groceries in February! But don't worry, 80% of cyclists in Copenhagen, Denmark keep on biking all winter long, and you can too with a little bit of extra knowledge and experience.

There are three main differences between fair weather and winter cycling: more darkness, the cold, and snow and ice on the roads. In this workshop, we'll cover what it takes to ride safely and comfortably in Boulder all winter long, from making sure you've got lights bright enough to see, not just be seen, to keeping your fingers, toes and nose from going numb. We'll also talk about riding techniques to keep you upright on snowy and icy surfaces, and the additional maintenance your winter steed may require.

Winter riding may be challenging sometimes, but you'll never have to scrape a windshield, and occasionally it's downright magical. There's nothing quite like riding home through a silent, snow-clad night as the flakes slowly drift by, and discovering a fox bounding along beside the trail.

This workshop will be led by Dan Adams & Zane Selvans. For more info, check out: Winter cycling workshop

Reserve a spot in the winter cycling workshop.
Saturday February 12, 10a.m.
2805 Wilderness Pl Ste 1000
Boulder, CO 80301