2nd Annual Winter Cycling Bash

Last year's Winter Bike Bash at the Boulder Brewery was fun and now it's returning again, Monday January 31 at 7pm...or feel free to come earlier and just hang around until the crowds roll in, or come later and arrive while the rage is in full motion.

This is party was a little of who's who in cycling from the Colorado hay day along with many of my current players. The invite list was so impressive that if I could interview just half of those I could write a book on Colorado Cycling History!

Theme? American Flyers 25th Anniversary. Got something to share? We've got some special prizes and giveaways you'll definitely want to try and win. Know a rider who played a part in the movie? Invite them! And if you send me their contact/email, I'd like to have it for some future AF activity being considered.

Special Guests? During the party, check out the US Cycling Monument table where you can help support a sculpture to be built in North Boulder Park, an important venue for both the Red Zinger and Coors International Bicycle Classic. The aluminum and stone work of art entitled Momentum will soar above a sandstone plaza, built from pavers that can be inscribed with your name for $100. More information is available at www.uscyclingmonument.com/.

Food? Thanks to Old Chicago and Mark Newman we're gonna pie to the max so come with appetite intact.

Beverage? That's a big duh, Jeff Brown and Boulder Beer is hosting this baby so don't expect a Bud Light.

More details

* Monday, January 31, 7pm Start - Feel free to arrive a bit earlier or later, we're casual....
* Boulder Beer, 2880 Wilderness Place. http://maps.google.com/?cid=3583354494326871446s=9758155207611413315
* No Admission Fee - This isn't a fundraiser, just a great time
* Good Eats - Includes tasty free pizza from Old Chicago (special thanks for the generous support!)
* American Flyers Theme - Were you involved with the movie? It's the 25th Anniversary!
* USA Cycling Monument - Learn more about this amazing sculpture and plaza being built at North Boulder Park
* Entertainment - Cycling videos, American Flyers giveaways and much more!
* It's Viral - This is a just for fun kind of gathering without an official invite list. We depend on pass around of this email to get the word out, please help.

Oh...and if you go back far enough to be a part of the Red Zinger / Coors Classic family, at the party be sure to ask Marianne Martin, Michael Aisner, Dan Craig or me about what's shaping up at the big reunion event to be held during the Quizno's event in August. Plans are still getting pulled together, but it's looking better all the time for a massive gathering to rival the Rainbow Family, cycling style!

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