Share your best cycling photos and win a new 303cycling jersey by Alchemistthreadworks

Photo Credit: 303Photo

Hey 303Cycling followers! Summer is full on and you need some new cool cycling gear, something better than that Elmo jersey you girlfriend got you. Do you want a chance to win a new 303Cycling jersey or a 303Cycling tshirt (yes, win means for free..)?

We have been running a contest on our Facebook since Tuesday morning and you should check it out.

How do I enter the contest?
You go to our Facebook page and “like” us. Then, you post your favorite cycling picture to our wall before 11:59PM Tuesday, July 12.

What qualifies as a cycling picture?
Any cycling related pictures work - landscape, race, or just plain fun. They just need to be your own, original picture with no obvious photoshopping.

"I posted a picture and it’s after 11:59PM on Tuesday, July 12….so now what?"
We will be the judges and pick 5 finalists and then let the judging up to all of you. We will pick 1st and 2nd place Thursday evening based on the “likes” and release the information next Friday, July 15th. 1st Place will win a new 303Cycling jersey and 2nd place will receive a 303Cycling tshirt.

We have had some good entries so far! Let's see the pictures people! Share this with your friends (or not if you are the competitive type….) and get them in on the action. Be creative with gaining support for your photo – the number of “likes”, comments, and whatever else you can come up with will help sway your entry into the final 5! Start now and head to our Facebook page!/>

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