Will Pedal for Food

Families at Heatherwood Elementary Ride Their Bikes and Burleys in Support of Community Food Share.
By AmyT

This past week, Heatherwood Elementary in Boulder hosted its Fall Walk and Roll Week, where children are encouraged to use human-powered transportation to school for one week (think bikes, scooters, skateboards, walking, etc.). To keep the fun level up, Heatherwood had different theme days throughout the week and Wednesday's theme was "Pedal for a Cause". This year the "cause" was a food drive for Community Food Share, which serves Boulder and Broomfield counties. Students were asked to bring a can of food in their backpacks to donate as they rode to school on Wednesday morning. To keep the human-powered transportation theme going, all of the donated food was then loaded into a couple of Burley trailers and two Heatherwood moms rode the donation to Community Food Share's warehouse in Niwot. Fortunately, for these ladies, the nearly five-mile bike ride was mostly downhill! Once at Community Food Share, the food was unloaded into shopping carts and weighed. These moms were both happy and a little shocked to learn that they had just hauled 260 pounds of food by bike and admitted they were probably a tad over the maximum recommended capacity for their trailers, yet all the food, bikes, burleys and moms arrived in tact.

260 Pounds of food donated!

According to Michael StaffordCrane, Director of Operations at CFS, the 260 pounds of food donated by Heatherwood families equates to 260 meals. As they say at Community Food Share, "A little giving goes a long way". Michael also shared that need in our community is rising. He mentioned that CFS typically serves 550 families per week, but they have been serving over 700 families the last few weeks. The image of Boulder and Broomfield Counties is one of affluence, and many people believe there is no hunger locally. But, 1 in 8 people in our community are living in poverty; that’s enough to fill Folsom Field! Poverty brings a constant struggle to put food on the table every day - and the daunting task of having to choose between paying for rent, utilities, medical expenses or food. The combination of lost jobs and foreclosures means a lot of folks are hungry for the first time in their lives. One of the consequences of the recession is the record number of children descending into poverty. Did you know that there are 12,000 children living in poverty in just the Boulder & St. Vrain Valley School districts alone? Community Food Share is placing the highest priority on feeding these children. If you would like to learn more about Community Food Share and maybe fill up your own Burley and pedal for a great cause, please visit their website at: http://www.communityfoodshare.org/GetInvolved.aspx

260 pounds of food in 2 burleys delivered to Community Food Share

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