Nice weather brings cyclist and Sheriff Alderden?

This weekend has brought about extremely nice weather, 60 degrees, sun and no wind. Cyclist have been out in huge numbers recently with teams rides heading north to Carter lake and even some riders who normally never ride in January are out enjoying it... but does that mean the return of Larmier County Sheriff Alderden? I haven't heard anyone being confronted by him or his staff but if mother nature continues her good grace we just might.

Remember last year's debacle with the Lamier County Sheriff's office, causing Highway 66 to be the new Mason-Dixie Line. Since then the Sheriff appears to have either removed his offending post or taken down his blog entirely. It sure did cause a stir causing many to write articles like this one in 5280 Magazine and Bicycle Colorado to step in and meet with the Sheriff to help explain the law to him. 303Cycling tried to contact the Sheriff's office to see how many tickets were issues last year to cyclist but no response yet.

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We got the royal escort a few times last Saturday. Of course, like good citizens we rode in a nice single file line. The Studio One Dental ride did have a yard gnome thrown at us in that area, so that was exciting.