Will Flagstaff Finish live up to its Expectation?

How influential will Flag Finish have

So how influential will this finish be to the race? Do you believe the winner will really be crowned on Saturday with Sunday remaining as a victory lap around Denver? Take our poll on how the finish impact the overall results of the race.

Tom Danielson weighs in on the selection of Flagstaff finish in Stage 6

Flagstaff hill climb is arguably one of the best climbs that really show cases beauty and athleticism of the bike loving town of Boulder. Denver can piggy back off of Golden's Lookout Mtn Climb which was on the route of the USPCC last year and a place where some of the craziest fans where. As Boulder was left out of the tour last year the induction of Flagstaff to the route this year might make Lookout's stage seem like a lame party. But Boulder has had to fight for it, fans are required to get wristbands if they want to be on Flagstaff, this is in effort to prevent too many from flocking to the hills. Boulder has also had to push back on Open Space "museum" packers and try to have stage finish moved or legally challenged. USAToday picked up the legal battle

But in May, a group of activists led by former town coucilman Steve Pomerance challenged the plan. Pomerance, who said he has ridden his bicycle up Flagstaff hundreds of times, reminded the council that the final mile-long segment of road to the amphitheater technically was on open space. According to Boulder's town charter, which was written in the mid-1980s, only non-competitive activities such as hiking and biking are allowed on the protected land.

The city, Pomerance said, had previously shot down other race promoters hoping to stage events on open space.

"Boulder has always been environmentally oriented, so it was a surprise to me that the charter wasn't just forgotten about, it was ignored," said Pomerance, who previously championed Boulder's carbon tax and renewable energy campaigns. "There is a whole pile of other issues around using Flagstaff, like fire danger, emergency access and impact (on the land)."

The fat lady hasn't sung yet, If fire danger rises the finish could still be moved to downtown Boulder. It will be interesting after the race is over who gets the black eye from this battle, if all goes well, this could be a huge blow to the preservationist and open up the ability for more to touch more of our open space.

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