Time for Colorado to reconsider a helmet law?

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The map above shows the age at which cyclists can legally ride helmet-free in each state. Bonehead alert: Whatever the law, helmets are a smart idea for cyclists of any age.

Bob Mionske puts a different spin on "Why you should wear your helmet—even if you can lawfully ride without one

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More to patrol?

Do we really need another thing to police (i.e. take up police time)? Wearing a helmet is good for you. Don't be an idiot. If you would like to risk a major head injury or remove yourself from the gene pool, go for it. At what point are we going to stop legislating every little common sense thing to protect people from themselves? Parents, make your kids wear a helmet. It is also good for them and more than likely their gene pool is better than yours.

another thing to police?

There are bicycle laws on the books that aren't policed enough as it is. Clearly, laws aren't adjusting people's behaviors, (like using a headlight when riding at night, staying off the *sidewalks*, salmoning, etc), so why would a helmet law do any different?
Helemts are smart, and an inexpensive piece of equipment, but, I say leave it up to the riders and hope they do the smart thing.