Why I love Colorado Cycling!

Sometimes in the bustle of life, the details of issues or the general stress one can lose focus on the wonder that surounds us and how wonderful it is to be a cyclist in Colorado. Take a moment to reflect on all the great aspects of Colorado Cycling and please share is use why you too believe Colorado is such a great place to be a cyclists! Is Colorado Cycling perfect? No, but I accept it with it's blemishes and issues and know that everyone is pitching in everyday making this a better place year after year for cyclists. Thank you Colorado!

Why I love Colorado Cycling!

  • We currently have the US Pro Cycling Challenge in our state
  • 1 of 3 Platinum Cycling City in the USA and a few Silver level cities as well
  • Contry's only indoor velodrome and a Olympic one with another velodrome completed this summer
  • Home of 2014 CX National CX Championships and a few UCI level events
  • Countries greatest outdoor bike park
  • Home of more Oberstar awarded schools for biking and walking than any other state
  • Home of one of the nations best sport medicine hospital for cyclists
  • Great bike sharing programs in Denver and Boulder
  • Some of the greatest roads to ride on AND some of the most compassionate drivers relative to the rest of the country
  • Home of a few great cycling businesses and advocacy like IMBA, Bikes Belong, USA Cycling, RAAM, etc.
  • Large and passionate road racing community and rebounding MTB and explosive Cyclocross scene
  • More cycling weekend warriors than I'd say anywhere in the USA
  • Home of many past cycling stars like Davis Phinney, Andy Hampsten, Tyler Hamilton, Lance Armstrong, and a few more (names escape me)
  • Lawyers who specialize with cycling related cases!
  • 300 days of sunshine making cycling a nearly full year activity!
  • Very supportive governor AND highway patrol. Active Bicycle Colorado and Bike Denver, making Colorado a better and safer place to ride very day!
  • Top amateur racing with Crankworks for the dirt riders, Boulder Roubaix, Morgul Bismark, North Boulder Park and Mount Evans all attract cyclists from around the country to compete and complete.
  • Place where you CAN go carless and not because you have excessive DUI's
  • Museums with bike art displays.
  • More bike tours than any other state which are a big reason why many come out every summer to attempt. One of those tours is the nation's largest women only tour
  • Place where you can get coaches nutritionists, sports therapist, bike fitters, and doctors all experts for cyclists
  • Where cycling IS the new golf.
  • Explosive high school mountain biking teams giving kids alternatives to mainstream sports?
  • IMO safer than any other place in the country

Why do YOU love Colorado Cycling? I left at least a half dozen items off and was too brief on some, share with us why you love being a cyclists in Colorado? Please!

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Why I LOVE Colorado Cycling.

For one, there are 4 pages of Bike Jobs listed on this site alone. The site where I found my current job and my current racing team. Most of my best friends are those I've made while on the bike. My husband and I share the love of the bike. Our two little girls love riding bikes. I think our kitten would love riding bikes if only we could find her a well-fitting helmet. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Because if I did, I'd have to buy a whole new wardrobe and brush my hair more. I've been asked by out of state friends, "Don't you have any REAL clothes or shoes that aren't related to cycling?" Coloradans understand.