Cherry Creek TT and Karen Hornbostel

Every year some of the greatest cycling events in Colorado are named after someone who as passed away. Taking a brief tour of the calendar one will find 6 events named after someone dear and probably a few more I didn't mention. But do did we ever know these people? John Stenner, Scott Kornfield, Mike Horgan, Bob Cook, Mike Nields and Karen Hornbostel.

As the 09 Cherry Creek TT series kicks off next Wednesday, April 8 it is important to look back and remember the person this great event is named after, Karen Hornbostel.

Photo credit by Beth Wrenn-Estes & VeloNews

Karen Hornbostel was a four-time master’s national road champion and has been quoted as "best tactical and strongest racers in her day". In 1993 Karen was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer which she fought that battle until her end in 2006 at the young age of 54. In 2003 won the Lance Armstrong Spirit of Survivorship award, she also founded Summit Cancer Solutions which is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing cancer survivors with affordable and empowering exercise programs in a healthy, positive, and non-intimidating environment within their community.

Here are the words from Beth Wrenn-Estes (former ACA/BRAC founder and president)

"Karen Hornbostel was an inspiration both before and after her cancer. She was a major force in developing women's cycling and especially dedicating her time and expertise to Junior women. I knew Karen for years and respected her so much. She always had a smile, a joke, and an encouraging word. When I was diagnosed with diabetes she called me up to encourage me to take care of myself and pay attention to my exercise and diet - this phone call came in the middle of one of her darker hours with fighting her cancer. That was just Karen's way. I miss her so much and have a picture of me and her on my desk to remind me of what true friendship is and that attitude and the human spirit can carry you through the worst of times. "

So this year when you toe the line for the 2009 Cherry Creek TT series remember who this event is named after and the wonderful person she was in our rich Colorado Cycling Community!

For more information on Karen see this wonderful article Velonews did on "Remembering Karen"

Also, special thanks to Beth Wrenn-Estes for the photo and information on Karen!

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