Women's Wednesday - Who are you? More New Year’s Resolutions

Author: Cheri Felix

Are you the girl who’s really rad on her bike? Afraid of not much? Or maybe you’re the girl who is great on a flat uphill but not so awesome on a downhill. Great at technical rocks going down but suck wind on the same trail going up? Or maybe you just aren’t that good. Period. Maybe you’re afraid. Maybe you went for a ride once a long time ago with some guy named Jeff and he said “It’ll be fun. Follow me” but it wasn’t and you couldn’t and so you never wanted to do that again. And yes we are still talking about mountain biking.

My point with all of these questions is that for the most part we are who we say we are. I was once riding with a young woman and she kept saying “I’m not that good at this. I’m not that good at this.” After about four of those with some more self doubt sprinkled on top I said “Hey. Be careful who you say you are. Because you might start to believe it.”

We all have done this once or twice before right? We let the negative crap comments slip out and then it’s out there like in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ when Harry wanted to take something back and Sally said “You can’t it’s already out there.” If we say we aren’t strong and if we say we can’t ride uphill on the connector to Betasso and if we say we can’t ride the rock garden at Hall Ranch and if we say we couldn’t possibly ride as fast as we can up the steepest section of the hill guess what? We can’t. It’s like we don’t even give ourselves a chance. We might as well hit the Nordstrom Rack sale (that one’s for you girls at Boulder High). Now is mountain biking sometimes hard and intimidating and scary? You bettcha.

But what if for the New Year we change our story. What if we stop with all the ridiculousness of telling ourselves we aren’t good at something or we can’t do something? And what if we just throw it out there that sometimes who we are on the bike is who is we are in life. Just a suggestion. Don’t get mad at me. It’s not that we have to have false confidence and get ourselves into trouble on the bike and it’s not that we have to huck ourselves down an enduro course if we really believe it’s not the right thing to do. Listen to your gut. That thing that guided us through those awkward dates in high school and those late nights in college. Get out of your head and say “yes.” Say “I’ll try it” and say “maybe I can.” See what happens. Maybe you can. And maybe you can’t but at least you gave yourself a chance to succeed rather than no chance at all. Here’s to the New Year and a newish you.
“You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.” - Rosalynn Carter

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