Coffee Talk - Increasing Exposure for Professional Women's Cycling

Women's cycling has grown in the past 10 years right? I see and know more women cyclists now than ever before and rides like Venus de Miles and area women's only-ish cycling clubs seem to be exploding around the Front Range but the 2012 Pro Cycling Challenge will not be entertaining a women's field like in the days of the Red Zinger or HP International Cycling Challenge... elite level women's cycling is not matching this growth. The co-founder of Cervelo has an interesting suggestion for raising exposure for women's cycling, Make it mandatory for every WorldTour race to also organize a women’s race. Also on the same article, a commenter going by the name of "Connie" (hey, I think I know a famous cycling Connie) explains the history of women's cycling at the Red Zinger and death of it at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

Gauging from comments we got from a similar topic a few months ago on Measuring the Growth of Cycling, many comments stated that it was not role models that drove their passion for cycling but good venues and support from the cycling community. But we ARE influenced by role models, so it begs the question, how do women cycling role models influence our community?

Interview with CyclePassion Models... not the pin-up vid

But other groups are also trying to get more exposure to women's cycling and one of those is Cycle Passion. Cycle Passion is a provocative women's cycling calendar turning 12 of the top women's cyclists into "Cycling Goddesses". In the video above some of the models in the calendar speak of why they signed on to be a model and it's value.

Coffee Talk is my chance to rant and your chance to chime in. What do you think it will take to propel the popularity of professional women's cycling to that of what it was 20-30 years ago? (days of Red Zinger) That sounds weird, has women's cycling improved or gone downhill.... I guess it is how you spin the numbers and your end goal, right?

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lets get real

the strongest pro women in cycling are on par with strong cat3 men, physically.

watching them race the pro challenge along side pro men wouldnt be any fun at all.

luckily there was in fact a pro women's stage race

programmed to coincide with the mens race.

I bet if you took your daughter to that you could probably get a much better view of the finish than at the USAPCC anyway.

Really, I like to watch both men's and women's races

I'm just saying as a fan, I am interested in seeing both a men's field and a women's field race. I think what was organized in Aspen is a great start and very commendable by the people there that organized it, but it would be spectacular to see both fields competing on the same day and on the same course with staggered starts. I imagine I am not the only fan who would enjoy this and I think it is great for my son and daughter to appreciate both male and female elite athletes. It's also cool to see the races closer to home (the 303 area).