Tuesday Coffee Talk - What's your favorite bike event?

With all this negative talk recently lets turn this conversation around to be more constructive and talk about what cycling events (not just racing) inspire you and why. This information, if we do it right, is golden information for any promoter out there to listen to. I'll start the ton with my favorite and why

CU Short Track
Hands down my favorite! It has a great location, price that can't be beat, the event is short, mid week, low pressure but still competitive if you are that way. Awesome kids race even though sometimes college students don't make the best choices for 7 year olds. Now I patiently wait the outcome of this year's CU Short Track... CU???!!?!?!

This is more of a love hate relationship, most of the hate is due to Mother Nature due to the evil winds that sometimes visit it on race day but the course is perfect, little road, little gravel and technical enough that pure strength won't cut it. This course has also always been near the various jobs I've had over the years to so is a common training route for MTB or road.

Tour De Cure - Colorado
It's not always about the course, sometimes it's about why I am doing it. The course is pleasant but the intent of the rides, the organization and hearing the stories of other fellow riders is humbling.

Now these rides are Boulder centric, nothing against Denver, there are great events there as week, City Park Crit, Lookout HC, former Sara K course.

So what do you like (not hate) and why. What are the building blocks For YOU that makes these events so great.

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Sonic Boom crit in Louisville

Sonic Boom crit in Louisville. The course itself isn’t anything to write home about, but I love the way the tables/restaurants are set up around the start/finish line. It is a lot of fun to sit and watch races all day, enjoying some cold beverages with friends.


+1 on the Sonic Boom and really any criterium where there is an "atmosphere". Sadly, the now unsanctioned Iron Horse crit in Durango had by far the most electric atmosphere of any amateur event in CO. I'm just not willing to put my neck on the line in a technical event without proper USAC officiating/insurance. Bannock could be really sweet if we could somehow get some of the 1000s of area residents to spectate.

My favorite road courses are the Rist Canyon loop and Air Force Academy. Both are very challenging courses that test all of your abilities. Steamboat is, at least to me, the best CO-based race of all but the timing is tricky being on a holiday weekend so late in the season. Steamboat in July would be just about perfect!

Roubaix & Gore Pass

I love the Boulder Roubaix, or most any Roubaix, for the unique and challenging conditions, course and elements it adds to the mix from your standard RR or Crit. I have never cramped worse than at a Roubaix so that says something. Makes me feel like Jens for a few hours :)!

Most missed race is the Gore Pass RR because outside of the Ironhorse, it is our only opportunity as amateurs to ride more of a RR versus a hillclimb in our awesome Mtns. Rist comes very close but not the same feel b/c of altitude and being front range. For you trolls out there, none of this is complaining, just reminiscing.

Boulder Roubaix

BR has everything...a roadie race but with CX attitude. When I've raced it the race actually felt like a race, meaning groups stuck together and strategies come into play. This isn't always the case in road races especially in the lower categories. Post race beers is a nice touch. It's the one race where me doing poorly doesn't piss me off.

Boulder, unless Morgul was was morphed into a stage race!

I've only done it once, but I'd have to agree. Battling on the dirt sections, coming full speed into that last loose turn in the lead group of a dozen knowing that anything is possible down the finishing stretch...total thrill. In no particular order for me:

1. B-R
2. Koppenberg (same as above, with less dirt)
3. Morgul. Note to W/O Limits that this event would immediately vault to the top of the list were it a 3-day stage race!