Tuesday Coffee Talk - What's your favorite bike event?

With all this negative talk recently lets turn this conversation around to be more constructive and talk about what cycling events (not just racing) inspire you and why. This information, if we do it right, is golden information for any promoter out there to listen to. I'll start the ton with my favorite and why

CU Short Track
Hands down my favorite! It has a great location, price that can't be beat, the event is short, mid week, low pressure but still competitive if you are that way. Awesome kids race even though sometimes college students don't make the best choices for 7 year olds. Now I patiently wait the outcome of this year's CU Short Track... CU???!!?!?!

This is more of a love hate relationship, most of the hate is due to Mother Nature due to the evil winds that sometimes visit it on race day but the course is perfect, little road, little gravel and technical enough that pure strength won't cut it. This course has also always been near the various jobs I've had over the years to so is a common training route for MTB or road.

Tour De Cure - Colorado
It's not always about the course, sometimes it's about why I am doing it. The course is pleasant but the intent of the rides, the organization and hearing the stories of other fellow riders is humbling.

Now these rides are Boulder centric, nothing against Denver, there are great events there as week, City Park Crit, Lookout HC, former Sara K course.

So what do you like (not hate) and why. What are the building blocks For YOU that makes these events so great.

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Road: - Horgan and Sunshine are tough races that the strongest guy wins every time. That Golden Fondo looks like it could be a grand tour stage, yes it is a fondo which some reason that causes me to recoil slightly, but I'm paying my $100. Lap the Lake in Leadville is a sleeper. Fun course, crazy altitude. Basically any course that is hard enough to cause a selection is good in my book.

Cross: Interlocken is a classic regardless of conditions, perhaps the strongest fields of the year due to timing and it is not a dust bowl. The muddy Xlinx races are great as well. Brektobercross was at the top of the list, but sadly it is no more. You could race cross and do an Oktoberfest party without ever getting off of your bike.

It's about the courses...

For me it's all about the course. I don't care if there are bouncy castles or announcers.
Crit - Longmont, old Ft. Collins Downtown, Ft. Morgan Festival in the Park. All great to race on.
Road Races - new Weld County, climbing course Morgul-Bismark, past courses - climbing Gore Pass, flat Hugo or Buckeye. Dirt - Boulder-Roubaix, Rock the River.
Cross - Boulder Cup
Tours - Stonewall Century Ride (La Veta), Iron Horse
Mountain Bike - Growler, WP - Tipperary Creek, Breck Epic

Selective Courses!

Rist Canyon was a great race! The climb was at the beginning which usually meant a thrilling chase to the finish. Us climbers that got away had to work our butts off to stay out front, while everyone behind was drilling it! The course was beautiful, technical, and very very tough! Boulder Roubaix and Koppenburg are similar. Great courses with tough conditions. This usually mean a race of attrition. Koppenburg is so short, you know it is going to be hard.

I've never been a fan of the out and back style course (Deer Trail) even though it is a brutal race.

For CX, the courses around here are usually pretty tough. I would love to see a more open/less technical route so that there are larger groups and more tactical racing. Think of some of the Euro races where the lead group is still 12 or 13 going in to the final fifteen minutes. Awesome!