What kind of CX racing do you like?

Big event/grand course, lots of extras (washing stations, vendors/food etc) - greater than $40
Very basic/remote course, registration with a parking lot, that's it - less than $25
Total votes: 192


Value-based Racing

I don't think that we have to give up "big/grand courses" for cost. For example, the courses at the Bldr Rez are about as long as they were 5 years ago but the cost was much less. I fully understand inflation and that costs increase over time but I also thought there may be some increase in value this year after joining with USAC. I haven't seen a bit of added value from the increase in cost.

I often compare bike racing to a day skiing. A ticket at a world class mountain (Copper for example) is around $90. If you get 4 hours of skiing in your cost per minute is $.37. For the Colorado Cross Classic the cost per minute was $.95 or 61% more expensive. At the unit level, that's getting harder to justify.

And frankly, pulling lapped riders should never happen. Everyone paid to race and should get their full 45 minutes regardless of position. Race leaders should have to navigate lapped riders. It's part of racing.

The big dollar signs are a

The big dollar signs are a one reason I and some others DON'T go to these events. Sure there are still plenty of folks who go, so I guess you could say it's "what the market will bear" but I still have no idea where all that cash goes. Course fees? Port o potties? flagging? Seriously? If 200 people show up (total all categories) it's a small event here and at $35 that's still $7000. Where does it all go? I can do an XC race for $40 and they still have to have the same stuff (flagging, course fees, permits, port a potties) and yet I also get a a ton of stuff I NEVER get at a CX race (aid station support, event shirt, meal at the end, bag o schwag) and I race for hours instead of 45 minutes. In the local CX scene you have to pay A LOT and get very little. That's a bit sad. There are only a couple of local exceptions but not many. It's not that expensive in other parts of the country and I've yet to see why it has to be here.

+ the $110 just to get started.

USAC - $60
The ACA - $25
The ACA Chip - $35

Numbers are already slipping this year due to the increase cost and bureaucracy.
Hopefully a few promoters or just WOL/BR will break from the ACA/USAC next year. Look at Mountain Biking. RME & WP Series are great and no license / chip are required.


Andy, Sand Creek Sports here.

As most (about 70%)Colorado Mtb races are not USAC sanctioned and we have no central Mtb race organization here in Colorado, I have been doing the CO Tentative MTB Race Calendar for the past few years. All Colorado Mtb races organizers contribute and update me with their races.

That calendar is at www.sandcreeksports.com and I update it often.

The Yeti Beti's also permit their June 2, 2013 race with USAC.

like the guy said about belgium....

may years and many pounds ago I raced in belgium too... and if you'll hear me out I think we should try their system here...
it may have changed since I was there but hear me out...
let's make USAC, ACA licenses $500-600... hold on don't freak out... most of you have already spent that this year on entry fees etc...
and you will have to buy your license before a certain date.. ex march 1...

but when you show up for a race the "entry fee" for any race is about $5 (it was closer to a dollar when I was there but I am old)

this would solve a bunch of issues.. first , assuming the usac and aca higher ups are competent ( :) )they could use that large amt of cash up front to buy most of whatever they need for setting up a race..and divide the rest into paying race promoters for their time..I know police and ambulance are major costs in most races too , not sure how to fix that..but having a lot of buying/advertising, grassroots power could really help.. and use that $ to take away most of the costs for race promoters

but the MAIN one.. is that how many of you didn't go to a race because you said... "meh, I'm not fit, or I don't wanna spend $40, or how many of you have dug yourself a physiological hole, because you redlined yourself to finish a race you just should have dropped out on (sick, bad day whatever)", I know i didn't go to a lot of early season races because I have been skiing all winter and didn't ride my bike enough... race into shape is a good way to go..
Think of it like a seasons pass for skiing... pay a lot up front but you can go whenever you want.. (for only$5)
The $ up front makes people choke,,, but once it catches on and race day attendance goes way up it will benefit everyone.. I think.. or it could be the worst idea ever...


I do about 12 cross races a year. If I was writing the script, maybe nine of them would be simple show up and race affairs, no announcers, no vendors, etc., and cost $20 a pop. The rest would be big events. The market speaks, though, and based on turnout most of the racers want to spend most of their time at big events. That said, part of the problem is it's gotten so expensive with USAC surcharges and cost of insurance, that no one can put on a sanctioned race for $20. As someone else mentioned, it might be doable if a promoter with draw went unsanctioned.