How would you write this story?

I'm not a doctor and I'm not going to try and play one on this story so I'm asking you, how would you write this story? I'm not saying anything, this could have been left weeks ago and has nothing to do with the racers or it could have been planted there by somebody. Here is what I know, from someone who helped with the Recess at the Rez.

"Guys and Gals,
Check out what I found about two feet off the course on Pro Hill (at the Res) while cleaning up after the race:"

News Item: 


Is it opened?

The post implies the picture is of the packet found, and I can't quite tell if it is open or not (I can see the 'tear here' and it looks symmetrical...

The medication (if used legitimately), should be used/disposed of with care, as the above commenter mentioned. You need to wash your hands after it is applied, and even be careful with who handles your clothing and bedsheets. It is also generally prescribed to be used first thing in the morning, when testosterone levels peak naturally.

An intact packet may have been there longer, fallen out of someone's travel supplies, been there a while, etc.

I see no reason that a legitimate user would leave a discarded, empty packet lying around.

This is why

I didn't win. I was sure it wasn't my training or ability to overcome pain or that anyone was just plain better then me. No way I ever lose if the playing field is level. At least now I know that I don't have put in more than the 5 hrs a week training. I am going to soak my balls in that stuff. Bald head for sure.

Since a good proportion of

Since a good proportion of our positives are for symptoms rather than an actual drug use, perhaps baldness should be a ban-able offense. More than 50% and you are out of here.

Note tha the US 2 most famous positives were for symptoms ...tyler's first positive and Landis' positive