Tuesday Coffee Talk - What's your Car Harassment story?

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The incident that happened in Longmont as two cyclists were out for a Sunday ride is terrible and unjustified, yet sadly this happens more than you'd guess, especially if you live outside of places like Boulder. Harassment like this makes us frustrated and pissed off, just boiling over enough so when the next jackass does this we overreact and explode, leaving us no better than the driver. Huge congrats to these two riders for keeping their cool (at least what we saw in film), many would not and let's all take a moment and decompress and share our stories. What is the worst thing that has happened to you while out on the roads?

I've had a lot of crap handed to me on the bike over the years and by far most of it happened while not living in Colorado but the worst did happen in Boulder County on St. Vrain Road west of Longmont. This road is mostly dead of traffic and pretty darn straight so one day I was riding, yes, two abreast when a large truck passed us honking and yelling. It passed us slowly and we yelled something back, I think making fun of the female drivers weight. She stopped and got out and it turned into a yelling match for what seemed like 5 minutes over nonsense. I was young then, today I'd just wave and ride on, truly the better route to take than one I had 10-ish years ago.

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Colorado specific?

I have been an avid cyclist for about 4 years and have cycled many roads throughout California, Nevada, Utah and of course, as a current Colorado resident, have cycled every popular road on the Front Range and throughout the eastern plains of Denver.The most threatening and frequent dangerous experiences ever have been in Boulder and more specifically, in the Lyons area. There are few places, in my experience, that I cringe more when I hear approaching cars than on the Peak to Peak highway and on the HWY 36 corridor from Boulder to Lyons. Perhaps the high number of cyclists in these areas give more opportunity to intolerant drivers to vent their frustration than elsewhere on the Front Range. Maybe Boulder should embark on a major public safety awareness campaign, as is frequently done for motorcycle highway safety.