Open Space Board Meeting on West TSA

From Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance

6:30 tonight at City Council Chambers!

Here we are, 449 days into the West TSA process, and 98 days before this management plan goes before City Council, and we are still waiting for a plan for mountain bikes in the West TSA.

The current schedule does not currently provide a public discussion about mountain bikes until after the Draft Management Plan is published on February 1.

We need you to show up and speak to the Open Space Board of Trustees and ask them to direct staff to engage the community in the development of a long term trail plan that includes bikes in the West TSA NOW.

Developing a plan behind closed doors is not acceptable if you want it to be supported by the community. It creates an atmosphere of distrust and 'worst case scenario' churn.

Tomorrow's OSBT meeting is once again going to be all about the Community Collaborative Group's work. While we acknowledge this is a mountain of work to wade through, the most devisive and contentious issue has completely disappeared from the public eye.

It's time to tackle this issue. We need City of Boulder residents, especially those that live in the adjacent neighborhoods, to show up and tell OSBT that you want to ride from your homes to dirt without getting into a car.

Keep it personal, and keep it positive. And let's remind ourselves that nobody here is evil or there's a conspiracy afoot. Staff is overloaded and just lost their West TSA Project Manager. And those that think we are evil for wanting access in the West TSA are our neighbors and are deserving of respect, even if the feelings aren't mutual.

Be Friendly! Expect to See Others!

That's the message we need on the trail and in the hearing rooms.

Forward this email to your friends, NOW is the time to show up and be heard. Look for the BMA representatives downstairs for last minute instructions.

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