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Always carry a chain tool

I always carry a chain tool and it has saved me more times than I care to admit, even once in late October 12 miles from no where on a solo trip in Moab into the back, back country. Would not have been a fun walk, back in the dark, in subfreezing temps, in bike shoes...

What is your racing strategy?

How do you plan on "killing" it at the Kop?

Years ago I took it for the team and pulled my ass off on the lead up to the hill on lap 1. Put my teammate in a great position on the first climb... and he went on the win.

Later when I raced solo my plan was to go super easy on lap one, I even hit the hill with a 20 foot gap to avoid carnage. Luckily there never was a break on lap 1 and I got back in the field easily and finished 5th. I'f you aren't going for the win I prefer taking lap 1 easy.

What is your plan?