Community Cycles wants you to vote Yes on 2B, 2C & 2D

From Community Cycles

Moving Boulder Forward - Vote Yes on 2B, 2C & 2D - Balancing Open Space, Transportation and the General Fund

This package of one new interim tax (2B) and two renewing sales taxes (2C & 2D) represents a careful rebalancing of resources that will fully fund the Open Space vision plan while investing resources in transportation infrastructure and other city services that contribute to our community’s quality of life.

The two renewing taxes, adding up to .48%, when first passed were dedicated to Open Space. After reviewing the budget, it became clear that the Open Space Department would be able to fulfill their “vision” level plan with significantly less than the full .48%. The current ballot measures direct .22% to Open Space, to preserve and protect that important amenity. Basic services like police, fire and libraries, which are paid for by the General Fund, would receive .11%, and .15% would go to transportation needs, including infrastructure maintenance for autos and alternative modes. A short term bridge tax (2B) appears on the ballot to tide that department over until the renewed/redirected tax (2C) kicks in, if approved. .Community Cycles has been instrumental in bringing transportation funding to the ballot.

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Vote NO!!!!

What? Give more money for the Boulder City and County transportation departments to waste? Why don't they get more creative and innovative with the funds they have? Or be more responsible with the tax payer's dollars they just pass on to consultants to do the work? Maybe if this doesn't pass the County won't have any money to waste on chip sealing the roads?!?!