2011 Warriors Cycling - Voodoo Fire - Results

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Voodoo Fire Results

Mountain Flyer also covered the event.
Men's Full Marathon

  • Brady Kappius
  • Zachary Vestal
  • Kip Biese

Women's Full Marathon

  • Sari Anderson - Honey Stinger Trek
  • Sonya Bugbee - Epic Endurance Cycling
  • Laura Anderson - Alpine Orthopedics

Men's Half Marathon

  • Bryan Alders - Epic Endurance Cycling
  • Mark Legg-Compton
  • Peter Odonnell

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Course Description:
This long loop encircles the eastern bluffs of Lake Pueblo and features singletrack through sage and high desert hills. RME competitors will complete two loops, while Junior RME and Half-Marathon competitors will race one. The finish area will be at the South Shore Marina across from the camping area. This makes for a perfect venue to spend the weekend, camp at the finish and enjoy a hot shower after the race.

Feed Zone:
There will be aid stations every 10 miles stocked with Hammer Gels, fruit, cookies, bagels, and coolers of Hammer Heed and water. In addition, there will be bottles ready to grab and go, so you can go light and go long! The course will lap through the finish area where you can set up tents and stage food and equipment.

Men, Women, Singlespeed Open

Age Divisions:
Juniors 15-16, 17-18, Senior 19-29, Veterans 30-39, 40-49, Master 50-59, Classic 60+

See online link above

Event Site Registration and Packet Pickup:
Event site registration and packet pick-up will be on Friday afternoon, April 22nd at Lake Pueblo State Park, as well as Saturday morning.

Award ceremony will take place at approximately 3:00pm. Custom awards given to the top 3 in each category. Riders or a rider representative must be present at the award ceremony to receive their award.

Lake Pueblo State Park Entrance Fee:
$7 per vehicle.

Lake Pueblo State Park Camping and Fees:
Excellent camping next to finish with hot showers is available for a nominal fee through the Park with hookups, tables, and fire pits. Contact the Park at 719.561.9320 to reserve a spot.

For More Information:
Call Hutch at 408-410-7973 see http://www.warriorscycling.com/events/voodoo-fire.php




Thanks for the coverage! The actual marathon results are for all age groups combined, not just the 19-29. So Vestal was second and Biese was 3rd

I wouldn't take the 'team'

I wouldn't take the 'team' listed in the results of an 'unsanctioned' event as evidence Yeti has taken him back at all. For all we know, he registered before all this brouhaha and didn't bother to tell them to change the 'team' affiliation in their records.

Voodoo Fire Results

Warriors are still updating the results, I finished 2nd in the Half Marathon to Brian Alders who finished 17secs ahead of me. I missing from the podium photo because I had to get home and let the dog out of the house.