Volunteers needed for USA Pro Challenge Stage 7

From the Volunteer Manager of the USA Pro Challenge Stage 7

The tremendous success of the Pro Cycling Challenge is made possible because hundreds of dedicated volunteers donate thousands of hours to make this world-recognized event happen.

Your help this year would be welcomed and very much appreciated. Once you sign up, I’ll be back in touch with all the details (job opportunities, shift times, job descriptions, etc). Volunteer registration is easy at:

Meanwhile, please tell your friends, neighbors and coworkers about this exciting volunteer opportunity. Getting the word out to your contact lists will be the key to a successful event!

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Volunteering for Multi Million Dollar Ventures is wrong.

I would never for a Multi Million Dollar operation.

The excess is just gross.

Millionaire cyclists getting appearance fees. The multitude of advertising. Public servants (cops) just driving around at $50+ hour plus mileage.

3 to 4 cars and staff per racer.

My town has already use my tax dollars to get a race to come here.

My VALUABLE time is best spent at places that have REAL need. Fire Department, Food Bank, Church, ETC.

USPCC vs Boulder Ironman the numbers

2014 Boulder Ironman will make the USPCC model of the city paying 100's of thousands to host the one day event look really really weak. Ironman is paying Boulder. Imagine what the local racing community could do with $250,000 to host a race(s)? BRAC could have a road race every day for a month and still have money left over. Meanwhile the degree of difficulty in putting on a local road race gets tougher and tougher.

USPCC vs IM Boulder --entry fees ?

I did not forget, That was not the basis for the comparison. IM also does not charge to spectate. The $ 400 entry fee is expensive, but at least the TRI folk have the option to participate. IM Boulder will have 3000 participants vs 150 for USPCC. Compared to Ironman, the USPCC model of having the towns cover most of the costs is not sustainable except in the ski area towns that have lots of empty hotel beds and money to spend for summer tourists