Volunteers needed for seeding at Valmont Bike Park

"If you can spare next saturday morning, the 26th, from 9am-1pm, we need 30 people to help spread grass seed at Valmont. The park construction is progressing well, but we need to pitch in. Getting the grasses established is a requirement by the City prior to opening. If the grasses are not established when the site opens, they never will. The irrigation is installed, and the sprinklers will crank up once we get this done.

We need the help, so postponing your ride until the afternoon would be killer. We should be able to fire the work out in about three hours, then we will have lunch and tour of the site. It is really cool.

Check out http://bouldermountainbike.org/events/valmont-bike-park-volunteer-day-gr... and sign up. You may need to create a BMA login if you have not done so already.

We wish we could offer up a "test ride" in exchange for the help, but the contractor's insurance will not allow it, sorry!

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