Bicycle Safety (Daily Camera)

Did you catch this extremely verbose guest commentary in the Daily Camera on Bicycle Safety? Here is a snippet from it...

The only transportation alternatives for many people in the future will be urban mass transit (buses and light rail), motor scooters, walking and, not least, bicycling. Increasing use of these alternatives will provide many benefits both to the community and the individual. Local governments will have to rely on smarter and more effective traffic management policies and programs to facilitate these alternative modes of transportation to the private automobile.

It is obvious that bicycle traffic will have to be more effectively regulated in the future. This means new state and local requirements on bicyclists regarding licensing and registration, testing, mandatory liability insurance, minimum safety equipment for riding on public streets, pathways and sidewalks, and, not least, fair and consistent enforcement of existing bicycle laws, such as Chapter 7-5 of the Boulder Revised Code.

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